Looking for new trails, the natural, the authentic and local, we have set up a place for Argentine objects, in Palermo Viejo.

Facón was born from the idea of ​​creating a space where pieces of our land are found, from artisanal to modern and contemporary, northern crafts and southern photographs, industrial designers, artists and craftsmen.

With more than 70,000 km traveled since we opened, FACON's backbone is our trips to the most remote, inaccessible and inhospitable places in the interior of Argentina. In each province, in each hill, in each valley, we visit artisan friends, living stories that are told through their crafts. The objective: to spread these trips and the experiences of each kilometer traveled, bringing to the world the creativity and work of so many unknown talents.

Facon is a craftsman friend, a plait braider, a silver labrador, a patient weaver, a wood artist, a creative designer, a dream maker,

a whistler of zambas, a carver of saints, a countryman with his drag, a student, a restless traveler, an inventor of stories, a faithful of Gauchito Gil, a sheep farmer, a reciter of poems. 

Facón is just a piece of the beautiful country we have.

Our store's inner patio.
Our store's inner patio.
From Argentina to the world

This is a boutique that could only exist in Argentina. The shop, which resides in a Palermo Viejo casona, features everything from pottery to rugs to leather bags, all made by local artists, artisans, and independent industrial designers. Best of all, it pulls double-duty as a wine tasting stop. The space was also recently remodeled, and introduced Salú, a chef’s kitchen that incorporates cooking classes into its repertoire. Owner and art director Martín Bustamante travels across Argentina to remote communities, using his sharp eye to hand-pick unique pieces. He looks for beauty, energy, and cultural significance, in particular. The highlights of the collection include high-quality hand-woven rugs, carbon steel gaucho knives, leather and canvas backpacks, and purses made from chaguar, a plant fiber found near the Iguazú Falls. Facon has a direct relationship with the artists and artisans, and not just because they're hocking their goods—their goal is to empower rural communities in a sustainable way. That’s why they work with NGO artisan projects. Go gaucho chic and pick out incredible hand-woven and naturally dyed rugs made from 100 percent wool, organic leather backpacks, and travel bags, or paintings and photographs by local artists.