Care and maintenance


Thank you for choosing a FACON products. To help keep your rug and poncho looking at its best for years to come, below we have outlined a few words of advice to read before. Liquid spills must be blotted up as soon as possible. First, remove any solid materials if present with care. Using a white towel, white cloth or white paper towel to draw up the liquid as best you can, as it will eliminate the possible migration of dyes. Place the towel or cloth on top of the spill and starting from the outside of the spill, apply pressure to soak up the liquid and draw it out of the wool. Never rub a wet liquid stain. Repeat this step until clean. If a stain is still evident, apply a small amount of lukewarm water and draw it out using the same method described above. Using a designated wool detergent can help remove the stain as well, but use sparingly so to avoid possible fading of dyes. Make sure all the detergent is then removed from the wool. If the stain can’t be removed using these methods, seek professional advice or have your rug/poncho professionally cleaned. In the case of mud or dirt on your rug/poncho, brush and/or vacuum with care once dry. Always let mud dry before attempting to clean. For small spot stains that have already dried on your rug/poncho, we do recommend that a designated wool detergent be used as per its instructions if you wish to attempt to remove the stain yourself. A mild mixture of lukewarm water, white vinegar and detergent can also be used as a homemade solution, but the use of a designated wool detergent is preferable. If using the homemade solution, wet a white cloth with this mixture and gently wipe, taking care not to spread the stain. If you have any doubts whatsoever or the stain is still evident once dry, seek the advice or service of an experienced rug/poncho cleaning professional.

Rugs should be vacuumed with care on a regular basis. The more traffic your rug receives the more often it should be cleaned. The build up of dirt and/or sand can drastically reduce the lifespan of your rug. Constant foot traffic on a soiled rug causes the premature breakdown of the wool fibers due to the abrasive nature of dirt and sand. When vacuuming, take care not to use too much suction and move the head of the vacuum over your rug slowly, being careful not to catch any threads. Never use a vacuum head that has moving parts as this could damage your rug. Always vacuum with the direction of the weave. Vacuum both sides of your rug as dirt can penetrate all the way through. If in doubt, always seek the advice or service of an experienced rug cleaning professional. Never machine wash or hand wash an entire rug with water. This could lead to deformation and/or running of dyes.

Never store rugs in plastic bags as this can cause discolouration over a period of time. Instead, keep in a clean and dry environment that is easily accessible for regular inspection and cleaning.

FACON accepts no responsibility for damage caused by persons following the cleaning and care procedures listed on this page. This is simply advice and you should always contact an experienced rug cleaning professional if you are ever in doubt regarding the care of your rug.