Design your own poncho
Personalized by you, created by us.

Design your own poncho

"Design your poncho" is an idea that arises so that from your home you can, as you like to create and have your own poncho. The poncho has been an icon and part of Argentine clothing for many years and is still in use today, it is comfortable, warm, practical and will never go out of style. The gauchos used it to shelter themselves in the long horseback rides, as a blanket and even to use it as a "shield" in the fights.

At Facon we believe in the traceability of each product we sell, knowing where it comes from and where it is going, from a remote town in the South American Andes to a house in Norway, the United States, Japan or South Africa.

The poncho you are about to design is made in northern Argentina. Sheep wool is used and it is made 100% by hand on a loom. Mostly natural dyes are used. The final product is a poncho for life. Made in Argentina by Argentine hands. Artisans who have worked in this technique for many years, it is part of our culture and our land.

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