Flag with national emblem painted by hand on cotton.

Size: 80 cm x 110 cm

Production time: 90 days +/-

Region: Buenos Aires.

Rising sun: Represents the emergence of a new Nation, a new Argentine society.
Laurel: It is, from the ancient Greeks, the symbol of glory, power and success.
Red Hat (red color): Represents freedom, another of the essential values for the Argentine society.
Pica or stick: This symbol reflects the strength that a country needs to have in order to keep freedom firm.
The bluish color: The upper part of the Argentine emblem has a blue tone that is the representative color of truth and justice.
The color white: The color represents purity, as well as faith and divinity.
Handshake: It is the symbol of the union of the Argentine people, essential for society to function to perfection
Blue and white ribbons: These are the colors of the Argentine flag and wouldn’t be missing on the national emblem.

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