Region: Misiones.

The Yaguareté is the large mammal that lost the most territories in Argentina, more than 90% of its original distribution.

Towards the beginning of 1900 some specimens were still found in isolated regions of the humid pampas and by the middle of the century it had already disappeared almost up to its current distribution, the last specimens from Corrientes, Entre Ríos and south of Misiones being dead at this time.

In recent decades, its range of distribution has remained relatively stable, mainly due to marginalization, remoteness from large cities and inaccessible from its current territories. However, in the last 10 years, in the limits of its distribution, it has become increasingly rare and surely with specimens in transit or already isolated, as is the case of the Cuñá Pirú Valley, Colonia Andresito and surroundings of San Pedro in Misiones, the Metán mountain ranges, La Caldera and El Rey National Park in Salta, the Santa Bárbara mountain ranges and Maíz Gordo in Jujuy, the Humid Chaco and areas of the Salteño Dry Chaco and the Northeast of Santiago del Estero . All areas where registrations still occur, but in an increasingly isolated and sporadic manner.

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